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  • How Personalized Are the Workouts?
    The first week of workouts are based on the answers you provide on your registration form. After the first week, we will begin to fine tune the workouts, based on your specific needs/wants through email (Weekly Workouts) or phone calls/Skype (Virtual Coaching). It will take Eric a short amount of time to learn more about you, but that's common with any coaching.
  • What do I do if I have questions about the workouts?
    Feel free to email Eric as often as you like at, should you have questions. If you have registered for Virtual Coaching, you can email as often as you like and we'll tackle your questions in our weekly calls/Skype type contacts.
  • I ordered Virtual often do we talk by phone or Skype?
    In general, we'll set up a weekly phone or Skype type call once each week. When you register, Eric will send you a link to his personal calendar so you can schedule a call at a time that fits your schedule. Calls each week will be scheduled by the swimmer.
  • How long does it take to start seeing results from this training?
    As most any coach will tell you, how quickly results show up depends on how quickly the athlete buys into the training AND how much time it takes you personally to change your habits. Eric has noticed over the years that his shift in swim training can have the athlete seeing results from day one in training and after a few months of building new habits, those same changes show up in meets. Many athletes come to Eric for a quick fix. Unfortunately, that's not how life or sports work. Stick with this formula though and you'll soon be swimming faster than you ever have before...or at least faster than you have in a long time!
  • What is your refund policy?
    Your first week of workouts is absolutely FREE. After the first week, should you want to cancel, you can by emailing us at Like any subscription style service, when you cancel, your membership will conclude at the end of your payment cycle. At that time you will stop being charged and stop receiving workouts. There are no refunds due to the nature of our service.
  • If I go on vacation or take a break can I put my membership on hold?
    It depends on the length of your break. In most cases yes, but recovery is part of training and should be included as such. If you're taking a week or less break, then generally nothing changes. If you're taking two (2) weeks to a month off, then yes, we can pro-rate or suspend your payments during your time away.
  • Do you include Weights & Dryland?
    We can if you'd like it, yes. And it will come to you at no extra charge. In fact, one of the things that makes our workouts different, is our dryland workouts are incorporated into your swimming workouts up to 2-days per week. Weight workouts will be based on your needs. Just ask if you'd like weight room workouts to be included.
  • Will I need any equipment for the workouts?
    Yes. The following items will be used on a weekly basis in your training: 1. Kick stick - a 6 to 8 in wooden/pvc rod (approx. one (1) in. in diameter). This can be picked up at Home Depot or Lowes type stores for $1. 2. Sponge - 1-2 car wash type sponges (2 inches thick & 8 in tall x 5-6 in. wide). Tie a nylon "clothes line" type (soft) rope around the two sponges and a slip knot around the other end that you can put around your waist. The length of the rope should be approx. 8 ft. long. When you're swimming or kicking with the sponge it should be behind you far enough to clear any swim fins you might be wearing by a few inches. 3. Swim Fins - I recommend DMC fins for power & speed. 4. Kickboard - if you like to use one Later on, we may use a swim stretch cord (25 yard), but that will depend on if you have one available. If you have access to a Power Tower or Power Rack, please let Eric know.
  • Do you use paddles/pulling equipment in your workouts?
    The short answer is NO. This equipment, combined with poor technique and arm focused swimming, are the fastest way to cause shoulder problems. We focus more on a leg & core driven stroke that is enhanced by slightly adjusting the arm pattern to produce more power & efficiency. No need for paddles or a buoy when you swim this way. You'll notice you take fewer strokes per 25 or 50, have more energy and your shoulder problems magically disappear.
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