What happens after I submit the intake form?

Eric will reach out to you by email to set up a phone call. During the call, we'll discuss more fo what you're looking for, the time frame, location and logistics to see if this is the right fit for what you're looking for. Once we agree on the right package for you or your team, we'll complete the full registration process.

How is the payment made?

We'll send you a link to make your payment electronically. 50% of the total balance is due within 10 days of the trip. The remaining 50% is due upon arrival.

Travel Arrangements & Payment for Eric

All travel arrangements for Eric will be made by Eric. He will make every effort to secure the lowest priced flight, hotel and (if needed) rental car possible. Payment for Eric's travel will be provided by the client and must be made prior to Eric booking his travel arrangements. Once travel has been booked, this payment is non-refundable. Eric will arrive one (1) day prior to the start of training and depart the day after training has concluded.

What is provided during the Travel Training?

After discussing your needs/wants, Eric will develop a personalized program for you/your team. This program can include swimming workouts, dryland workouts, weight room workouts, pro-active performance psychology training, flow-training, team building activities, nutrition education/planning, resources to take home after the training & access to resources online during and after the training. If you are a coach inquiring for your team, this program can also include consultations with your coaching staff, an independent program review, an independent business review and constructive ways to improve the quality of your program.

Will I/my team need any equipment for this training?

Yes, but not much. We'll discuss over the phone, but all you/your athletes will need is a kick stick, sponge, kickboard & swim fins. If you have access to swim stretch cordz, power tower or power racks please let Eric know.

How personalized are the workouts?

Eric makes every effort to learn as much as he can about you/your program prior to arriving. This may take one or more phone conversations and online research. The workouts are based on age, ability, experience, goals, your objectives for the training, the altitude and time alloted for each workout. Multiple workouts can be created should this involve a team for each training session.