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Custom Training


for Swimmers

The Perfect Program Designed Just for YOU

Imagine doing a training program with workouts specifically designed for YOUR goals...

Swimming WITHOUT all the garbage yardage...

And not swimming sets created for other swimmers in your training group...

Saving you time...

And making you FASTER than ever before...


Hi, I’m Eric

Professional Swimming and Performance Psychology Coach

Over the last 22-years, I've created a training system that's helped over 4000 athletes of all ages & abilities learn to become their best and swim faster than they ever thought possible. 

Join An Exclusive Group

Get started today...

With an exclusive group of swimmers from around the World...

Training with the most advanced, yet simplified program ever created...

Reaching goals faster and having more fun!

Lifesparq Training Program

The Ultimate System for Swimming Your Best

When you tap into the latest research in human behavior and combine that with an understanding of physiology, you can do more in less time.

The Lifesparq Swim Training System was created over the last 20-years, while working with Club, Collegiate, High School, National Team, Summer League, Master's and Triathlete swimmers.  Learning. Experimenting.  And Conditioned into Excellence.


Our system incorporates the latest research in human behavior and Flow training into your swimming workouts.  We tap into your intrinsic motivation and desire for mastery, accountability and learning... 


Helping you improve exponentially faster.

Unlike many platforms that just provide workouts, we create a personalized training plan for you or your team along with the workouts, so the full program makes sense.


With our 3-day cycle of workouts & Flow Training, you'll be more engaged, have more fun, see better results, eliminate shoulder and other overuse injuries...and swim incredibly FAST!

Expect Better...


          Get Better!





Workouts Emailed To You

Every Week For Your or Your Team



Personalized Workouts,

Call/Skype Coaching,

Weight & Dryland Training

Every Week



Eric Comes to You....or...

You come to Colorado (altitude)

for Coaching/Consulting

With You/Your Team

What People Are Saying...

 "In the 2-years I've been working with Eric, I've swam my age-group

best times, lifetime best times & even broke a World Record!"


- Eve M.

(Masters Swimmer - Age 43)

Who's Benefited from LS Swim?

Summer League Swimmers

High School Swimmers

Collegiate Swimmers

U.S. National Team Swimmers

Master's Swimmers


What's Been Achieved with LS Swim?

World Championships Finalist

Multiple U.S. National Team Members

Over 3-dozen Olympic Trials Qualifiers

National Championship Finalists

U.S. Open Finalists

Jr. National Finalists

Pro-Series Finalists

Over 6-dozen NCAA Qualifiers

NCAA National Champion

NCAA Conference Champions/Records

High School Champions/Records

Summer League Champions/Records

Over 10-dozen High School State Qualifiers

Masters World Record Holder

100% Reduction in Shoulder Problems in 24 years

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